Signing Exchange E-Mail on the iPhone 7 / 6 / 5 or iPad

Quick walkthrough for setting up signed outgoing e-mails on the iPhone / iPad Scenario: You have a free E-Mail signing certificate such as the one from Comodo, you’ve set it up on your desktop/laptop e-mail, but you also send a lot of mail from your iPhone / iPad too. There are two steps to getting […]

Google Nexus 4 Smartphone

I was going to write about the new Nexus 4 i’ve finally managed to get my hands on, and why, after many years of my mobile phones all having names beginning with ‘i’, I’m actually finding this new android device hard to fault… But this guy pretty much 100% summaries my thoughts for me, right […]

It used to just be paperwork that took time to work out!

So the delivery of a new corporate laptop this week got me thinking; It’s much more powerful, portable and generally nicer than anything I own and the fact of the matter is; if I’m near a computer for five out of the seven days every week, it’s going to be this one. This ties into […]

With ‘Bring your Own Device’ will come ‘Bring your Own Data’

A friend put me on to, which despite it’s awful naming (oooh cloud! That’s new and good isnt it? snore!) is an open source implementation of some of Apples iCloud featureset (from what I can see) which can be hosted anywhere you want. At first I was about to hit download, as a techy, […]