OpenSolaris / Solaris Express to Solaris 11 boot Issues

I have had a trusty Solaris box at home now for 5-6 years running a few things; - ZFS for my files, sharing out through SMB for media, iSCSI for playing with Netbooting and VMware shared storage. - Xen (More recently) running on a Solaris Dom0 hosting a number of Centos5 DomU's for other linux [...]

O2 exposing mobile number of website visitors?

Here's something that seems a little interesting, O2 appear to be sending a header of the end users mobile number, to any website visited over their mobile data network. Header is 'x-up-calling-line-id' Other networks don't feel the need, I wonder what their reasoning is, either way, questionable privacy fail here! More info here;

Lacking Something?.. It’s always customer service.

n So, it turns out i'm one of the lucky 46,524 ElReg (The Register) readers who has had their e-mail address spammed to a few thousand people... who have in turn, kindly placed it on PasteBin, random torrent sites, many forums, the side of the moon with a laser and other such annoying places! And [...]

Cisco IOS Policy-Map stops working after Class-Map changes

Hi all, Came accross this issue the other day and since i'm currently stuck on a train between London Euston and Manchester, with what could be called a passable excuse of an internet connection, I'll take a moment to document it, hope it saves someone else some head-scratching. Issue: If using a Policy-Map based service [...]

An old battle; Cisco 877 with BT ADSL2+

Last week I had the missfortune of needing to get some low bandwidth endpoints online for a client, these unmanned locations would have a few peices of technology sat behind an ADSL router with an IPSEC VPN back to a central location,bog standard stuff! Naturally, I'd specified Cisco 877 ISR routers (as anything newer was [...]

Step by Step Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice with Cisco Call Manager Express (or UC500) Part 2

The second part of our Lync CUCME /CME integration efforts, once again kindly written up by (I swear he doesn't sleep!) Usual Words of warning.. Be careful if you use these configurations on a live system and do not simply copy and paste this configuration in to a running CME or UC500 system, check [...]

Step by Step Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice with Cisco Call Manager Express (or UC500) Part 1

Hot off the press from, who kindly found the time to write up our Lync Integration efforts, this article will shows how to integrate Lync 2010 and the Cisco Call Manager Express to offer Enterprise Voice capabilities to your Lync installation. Lab Configuration The installation has a 4 digit dial plan, all of our [...]


I think it's time for a change, but some life changes take time, planning, certainty (and a shiny new LinkedIn Profile!) ... Changing a wordpress theme however, doesn't take much effort at all! I've gone for something a little easier on the eyes (and a little more professional). Thoughts? More soon, Matt

P vs NP Solved?

Holy crap! "Scott Aaronson, associate professor of computer science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is so sceptical that he pledged in his blog to pay Mr Deolalikar an additional $200,000 (£125,000) if the solution is accepted by Clay." Crazy if this turns out to be true! Mumblings: For the uninitiated: