ZFS on Linux resilver & scrub performance tuning

Improving Scrub and Resilver performance with ZFS on Linux. I’ve been a longtime user of ZFS, since the internal Sun beta’s of Solaris Nevada (OpenSolaris). However, for over a year i’ve been running a single box at home to provide file storage (ZFS) and VM’s and as I work with Linux day to day, chose […]

CF Push and case insensitive clients

So here’s a weird one that may save someone some time….. Trying to perform a cf push with a .jar file. Get’s the following strange error! [email protected] Downloads $ cf push test-tgs –path tgs-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar Instances> 1   1: 128M 2: 256M 3: 512M 4: 1G Memory Limit> 1G   Creating test-tgs… OK   1: test-tgs […]

Pivotal Cloud Foundry Conference and Multi-Site PaaS

So I recently got back from Pivotal’s first Cloud Foundry conference;   as I’m not a developer, I guess by the power of deduction I’ll settle for cloud leader. While there, this newly appointed cloud leader, erm, lead a pretty popular discussion on multi-site PaaS (with a focus on Cloud Foundry, but a lot of […]

Google Nexus 4 Smartphone

I was going to write about the new Nexus 4 i’ve finally managed to get my hands on, and why, after many years of my mobile phones all having names beginning with ‘i’, I’m actually finding this new android device hard to fault… But this guy pretty much 100% summaries my thoughts for me, right […]

Virtualization Principals with Paravirtualized IO

This isn’t really a proper post, more just some little notes I can point people too (which I guess, technically is a blog post, ahh well!). So Virtualisation, have used VMWare products (most of) and Xen previously in production, with Virtualbox my desktop-virt product of choice for testing on my local machine for some years […]

OpenSolaris / Solaris Express to Solaris 11 boot Issues

I have had a trusty Solaris box at home now for 5-6 years running a few things; – ZFS for my files, sharing out through SMB for media, iSCSI for playing with Netbooting and VMware shared storage. – Xen (More recently) running on a Solaris Dom0 hosting a number of Centos5 DomU’s for other linux […]

O2 exposing mobile number of website visitors?

Here’s something that seems a little interesting, O2 appear to be sending a header of the end users mobile number, to any website visited over their mobile data network. Header is ‘x-up-calling-line-id’ Other networks don’t feel the need, I wonder what their reasoning is, either way, questionable privacy fail here! More info here; http://lew.io/headers.php

Cisco IOS Policy-Map stops working after Class-Map changes

Hi all, Came accross this issue the other day and since i’m currently stuck on a train between London Euston and Manchester, with what could be called a passable excuse of an internet connection, I’ll take a moment to document it, hope it saves someone else some head-scratching. Issue: If using a Policy-Map based service […]

An old battle; Cisco 877 with BT ADSL2+

Last week I had the missfortune of needing to get some low bandwidth endpoints online for a client, these unmanned locations would have a few peices of technology sat behind an ADSL router with an IPSEC VPN back to a central location,bog standard stuff! Naturally, I’d specified Cisco 877 ISR routers (as anything newer was […]

Step by Step Lync 2010 Enterprise Voice with Cisco Call Manager Express (or UC500) Part 2

The second part of our Lync CUCME /CME integration efforts, once again kindly written up by jamesbotham.wordpress.com (I swear he doesn’t sleep!) Usual Words of warning.. Be careful if you use these configurations on a live system and do not simply copy and paste this configuration in to a running CME or UC500 system, check […]