Automatic DNS and SSL on Kubernetes with LetsEncrypt – Part 1

TL;DR Howto make your Kubernetes cluster super awesome by adding two pods which automatically handle public DNS registration and SSL certs for any deployment you choose! Reduces the complexity of deployments and reduces manual extra tasks. Overview Kubernetes Ingress controllers provide developers an API for creating HTTP/HTTPS (L7) proxies in front of your applications, something that […]

OpenStack infrastructure automation with Terraform – Part 2

TL;DR: Second of a two post series looking at automation of an openstack project with Terraform, using the new Terraform OpenStack Provider. With the Openstack provider for Terraform being close to accepted into the Terraform release, it’s time to unleash it’s power on the Cisco Openstack-based Cloud.. In this post, we will: Write a terraform ‘.TF’ […]

UCS vMedia Configuration and Boot Order

Just a quick note on Cisco UCS vMedia. If you have configured a remote CD/DVD from a remote ISO and UCS manager is showing the image is ‘mounted’ but your server is still stuck in a PXE/Netboot loop… It may be helpful to know that your regular boot order policy in your service profile doesn’t […]

Cisco IOS Policy-Map stops working after Class-Map changes

Hi all, Came accross this issue the other day and since i’m currently stuck on a train between London Euston and Manchester, with what could be called a passable excuse of an internet connection, I’ll take a moment to document it, hope it saves someone else some head-scratching. Issue: If using a Policy-Map based service […]