No more exams

Woo, exams are finished. Life is good, cash is good, work is good (but more about that in a bit!) Got my speakers replaced from richersounds 🙂 (didnt argue at all, just gave me a new pair) Which are both sounding much much tastier, and came with the correct stands and spikes, so thats tightened […]

Exam Time

Sat round at Sam’s with the laptop laughing at the OSM test paper, as its pretty much what we had to do for real last night to get sam’s Linux server running! Gonna get my own NAS sorted out later tonight, and routing and IPtables set up to the rest of the house. Student loan […]

Back at uni!

Just an update, moved all my stuff back to uni friday night, was meant to be heading home for a few hours and some last bits on saturday morning, but was up late unpacking / setting up all my techie crap, and slept through the day! JoeJoe Appeared on the irwell around 5 and we […]

pseudo fired..

And this FANTASTIC day continues… ‘If I cannot connect in remotley within 12 hours, please consider your contract terminated’ Read the E-Mail from my MD, as I got into bed at 11pm’.. a techies work is never done. Ahh well, 5 mins, one PEBKAC later, and he’s on.. wooo… Note for today, never underestimate people […]

Year 2007 Bug

Everyone gottit wrong! Computers obviously dont hold one ascii char in 8 bits, they hold it in like 7.5. Which means what everyone thaught was going to happen at the millenium, is happening today! My Cars Broken Adams 7900 Graphics card has died Neils computer is borked Mike’s E-mails at work are being irrational My […]

Welcome Back

Hihi, first post on the new site! Hope you like the new theme, im personally proud of the photo, although a bit dark. Anyway, i’m rambling. I’m still working (at work) at the mo, going back to uni around the 5th before the OSM uni Exam on the 8th :S Sat at home at the […]